SE01.E04 – Eleconomics


“This music is path orientated, not goal orientated.” – Peter Evans

I thought I’d start the show notes with this quote, as it’s a pertinent part of the discussion at the top of the show. Music making is more accessible than it has ever been. Part of the making process, however, is a constant growth and expansion of ideas which leads us to create the music we do.

We also discuss the efficacy of subscription streaming services, crowd funding, digital pre-releases, and other popular strategies for funding music. This leads to a conversation about the state of music economics and distribution and how they have aged, particularly with new ideas and technologies being explored as a response to the coronavirus lockdowns. Are these methods still fruitful ways of funding, creating, and releasing music? Is the crowd-funding platform now excluding those who it was intended for? What does Joe Rogan’s $100-million deal with Spotify mean for artists, and the value of music as a whole? We discuss these questions and more.

Within these two topics we also talk about developing communities and how that creates canonical growth and maybe even inspiration.

We also talk about:

  • Experimental music and musicians, including Peter Evans, Richard Barrett, Morton Feldman, John Cage, and others
  • The unpredictability of (some) modular gear, particularly referring to SOMA Labs and Make Noise instruments and modules
  • Scores and prompts for intuitive music making
  • Warren Burt’s articles and essays on new electronic music
  • The Melbourne Synth Festival

The Filtered Noise Podcast will regularly discuss approaches to making music, what outside influences have shaped the music of our hosts and guest(s), and give some shout-outs to artists who have done (or are doing) cool things – see ‘Music We Talk About’ below.

We love talking about music. Follow us on instagram @filterednoisecast and you can email us We also have a Ko-Fi account which you can donate to, if you feel like we’re doing a good job – Music in the intro and outro is by Bribery :


Orenda Records –

Sugarstick and Xerox –

Rovox 625 –

tape loop –

Peter Evans –

Dan Rosenboom –

Caleb Dolister –

Mr Bungle –

King Crimson –

Morton Feldman –

Mark Applebaum –

Devin Townsend –


Make Noise 0-Control

Make Noise 0-Coast

Make Noise Maths

SOMA Labs Pipe

SOMA Labs Pulsar 23

SOMA Labs Lyra 8

Folktek Mescaline

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