S01.E05 – No Compliments


In this episode of Filtered Noise, we talk to our inaugural guest, Allison Wright, aka – No Compliments. For regular listeners, you’ll be familiar with our fandom of No Compliments debut EP.

Allison Wright – No Compliments

Allison Wright (1993, AUS) is a composer, arranger, producer, sound designer and trumpet player living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since finishing her performance studies at the Australian National Academy of Music, Allison enjoys a diverse career as a collaborative musician and freelance trumpet player, performing with major orchestras and production companies as well as working as a composer, arranger, producer and sound artist on independent creative projects and commissions. Allison is has been a fellow of many national and international festivals and residencies, notably the Bang on a Can Summer Festival (2016), Eighth Blackbird’s Creative Lab (2018) and Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio’s (MESS) Professional Development Course 2018. 

In this episode, we talk to Allison about:

  • DAW Workflow
  • The creative process, from the perspective of a cla**ically-trained musician and an electronic music-maker
  • The influences on Allison’s music
  • Chaos Hands; a collaborative, improvising ensemble with drummer Nicole Patrick and visual artist/filmmaker Xuan.
  • Coding live multi-media for a planned international tour with Bec Plexus
  • Adapting to the current pandemic situation in the creative industries; including planning and hosting a 24-hour Livestream Release Party.
  • Plenty more…

The Filtered Noise Podcast will regularly discuss approaches to making music, what outside influences have shaped the music of our hosts and guest(s), and give some shout-outs to artists who have done (or are doing) cool things – see ‘Music We Talk About’ below.

We love talking about music. Follow us on instagram @filterednoisecast and you can email us filterednoisecast@gmail.com. We also have a Ko-Fi account which you can donate to, if you feel like we’re doing a good job – https://ko-fi.com/filterednoise. Music in the intro and outro is by Bribery : https://bribery.bandcamp.com/


Some links to Allison’s work:

Oneohtrix Point Never – https://oneohtrixpointnever1.bandcamp.com/

Vegyn – https://plzmakeitruins.bandcamp.com/album/blue-verb-cowboy-allstar

Jenny Hval – https://jennyhval.bandcamp.com/

Yellow Magic Orchestra – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv5jMLJQ9f4

Haruomi Hosono – https://lightintheattic.net/artists/2475-haruomi-hosono

Miharu Koshi – Parallelisme


Check out MESS – https://mess.foundation/


Arturia Analogue Lab VST


Buchla Music Easel

FL Studio


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