S01.E05 – No Compliments

<<<SHOW NOTES>>> In this episode of Filtered Noise, we talk to our inaugural guest, Allison Wright, aka – No Compliments. For regular listeners, you’ll be familiar with our fandom of No Compliments debut EP. Allison Wright (1993, AUS) is a composer, arranger, producer, sound designer and trumpet player living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since finishing herContinue reading “S01.E05 – No Compliments”

S01.E03 – Forgetting Names

<<<SHOW NOTES>>> Faulty Cat Productions · Filtered Noise Podcast – S01.E03 – Forgetting Names Mental blanks. It actually took me a while to think of that because I was having one. In this episode we continue our electronic music journey by delving into electronic music performance, particularly some of the adaptations we have considered (andContinue reading “S01.E03 – Forgetting Names”

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